Termite Resistent Treated Timber

Every year in Australia termites cause millions of dollars worth of damage to timber buildings. They are the silent pests that can destroy an entire building in a relatively short period of time.

NBS Frame & Truss offers treated pine roof trusses and wall frames; timber that is termite resistant, protected with Tanalith T preservative by Kopper Arch. Tannalith is an Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority approved wood preservative and is deemed to be a termite resistent material under the Building Code of Australia.

Using termite resistant timber particularly for concealed structural building components is an important part of termite management strategy.

It comes with a 25 year guarantee!

Treated Pine - Termite Prevention Treated  Pine Building Frames

All termite resistent timber frames and trusses from NBS come with a 25 year guarantee against termite attack, a guarantee provided by Kopper Arch. A guarantee certificate and documentation will be provided to you and registration is required with-in 30 days of building completion.

The 25 year guarantee is provided for free and is transferable with the building ownership. Using NBS treated timber frames & trusses will not only give the building owner peace of mind it will also increase the buildings value.