GANG-NAIL Building Systems - Roof Ties

All Frames and Trusses are manufacturerd to Australian enginnering standards. NBS Frames & Trusses are built to perform to your building requirements and built to last. It is important however to ensure your frames and trusses are handled, erected and braced correctly.

When assembling your frames and trusses, Gang-Nail building systems are the best solution.

We recommend reading the: Gang-Nail fixing & bracing guidelines.

GANG-NAIL Products - Roof Tie Down Products


Used as a means of fixing ceiling joists to hanging beams, rafters to beams or floor joists to bearers.


There are a variety of Trip-L-Grips, all designed to simplify the joining of timber in roof, wall, ceiling and floor members. TLG’s provide a structurally engineered joint.


brackets can be used where timber is joined at right angles and nominal loads are expected.Ideal for pergolas, timber railing, decorative fences, etc.


Brackets are a versatile low cost framing anchor which can be bent on-site to form a two or three dimensional fixing for countless timber connections.


fasteners are a very quick and effective way of anchoring trusses to top plates. They are manufactured as left and right hand and are marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ respectively.


Used to secure purlins, rafters and trusses to top plates in areas subject to cyclonic and high wind loading. Available in 400mm, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm lengths.


galvanized steel timber connectors utilising integral teeth for roof secuirty under extreme wind conditions. Batten Ties are a quick and effective method of anchoring battens to rafters or trusses.


Designed to connect jack trusses to hip trusses. They may also be used to connect small span half or cut-off trusses to boomerang girder trusses. Creeper Connectors conform with AS4440 requirements.