GANG-NAIL Building Systems - Wall Ties

All Frames and Trusses are manufacturerd to Australian enginnering standards. NBS Frames & Trusses are built to perform to your building requirements and built to last. It is important however to ensure your frames and trusses are handled, erected and braced correctly.

When assembling your frames and trusses, Gang-Nail building systems are the best solution.

We recommend reading the: Gang-Nail fixing & bracing guidelines.

GANG-NAIL Products - Wall Frame Ties


used to fasten the top of internal non load bearing walls to trusses. Internal Wall Brackets are designed to restrain walls while allowing the truss to clear span.


Designed to secure top and bottom plates to studs in high wind areas. They can be fixed to the outside of stud wall frames, providing an even internal surface for plastering and can also be used in braced panels to comply with Type A and B bracing specifications.


A fast and easy method for the fastening of wall plates to frames in prefabricated timber walls. Designed to be used with pneumatically driven nails, Wall Straps need only be fixed to one side of the frame, avoiding the need to turn the frame over.


Used to secure top and bottom plates to studs in high wind areas. Plate Ties can also be used to secure studs in braced panels to comply with Type B bracing specifications.


Structural Tie Down Strap is a fast effective method of securing many building components, and is ideal for fastening rafters to top plates, top plates to studs, or purlins to rafters.


A high strength self tapping screw anchor used to secure braced wall frames to concrete slabs. Ideal for situations where frames are located on the edge of the slab, precluding the use of expanding masonary anchors.